Spend time doing what you enjoy doing, not crunching numbers! Consider a CPA an asset, not just another expense.

What is a CPA?
Certified Public Accountants are trained in the accounting, business management, financial & statistical analysis, business formation & law, business planning, tax law & preparation, and auditing.  We are regulated by the AICPA and licensed by the State of Michigan.
Our training and business experience allows us to step into roles as CEO's, CFO's, Advisors, Consultants, and higher level business positions. 
Advisor and consultant
  • Another set of experienced eyes on your business


Business Plan
  • A road map to success!
  • Used for goal planning & implementation
Financial Statements
  • Used to analyze your revenue and expense.  Through financial ratios, trends, and comparisons, we can tell if your business is on the right track. We can make suggestions on how to make things better!
  • Used to prepare budgets, business and tax planning
Tax Planning
  • We know the IRS tax code and State tax laws.
  • Can reduce your tax bill through planning
  • Calculate your estimated taxes
  • Tax Preparation